I just found out that a girl I asked out is a lesbian and she said yes?

So this morning I was at Sonic and my server just so happened to be a girl who I've been crushing on for a couple of months. I asked her out and she said yes. Basically I asked her for her name then I asked her which one would she prefer movies or paintball. She smiled and told me paintball then I asked her what she like to go paintballing with me and she said yes. I don't know about you but that seems pretty straightforward to me. About 10 minutes ago I found out that she has a girlfriend so now I'm confused. when she gave me her number, she seemed like she was in pretty high spirits and was happy about our interaction. Sheep and walked away smiling. So now I'm lost. What does it mean when a girl has a girlfriend but still agrees to go out on a date with a guy that asked her out? To be honest I am a little afraid to confront her about it and ask. Because I'm afraid of what the truth might be. I think truth is she isn't taking this as me asking her out on a date but more as a hangout thing with a new person.

What are your thoughts on this? what do you think I should do or say? Thanks in advance for your help


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  • Maybe she just misunderstood what you were asking and thought that you knew she had a girlfriend and was gay and therefore were just asking as a friend? That seems pretty unlikely but I dunno.

    • Hey read the response I sent to the girl below you does that also responds to your answer

    • Meh, like @9mfeo said, she might have thought it was obvious she was gay.

    • It really wasn't obvious at all no they wouldn't they don't know I'm pretty good at picking up on that

  • How do you know she has a gf? You should call and ask her if she does so you know what to expect on your date/activity together.

  • I bet she's going to show up with her girlfriend. Also, she might have thought that you wanted to hang out as friends.

    • Well that's the thing I've never met this girl before on a personal level only times I've seen her is when she was my server at Sonic so it's unlikely that she would know or have any real believe that I would know that she had a girlfriend

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    • I really wasn't obvious at all I'm pretty good at picking up on that. I mean you would think that she would be able to tell that I was hitting on her I mean it's pretty clear

    • No, dude. She may not show up. If she does, she'll probably bring her girlfriend.

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