Is there a guy/girl from your past that holds power over your heart?

Is there someone from the past that could possible hold power over your heart? It might have even been a nasty break up. They hey could've crushed you mentally, physically, and emotionally but you know that if he/she came back into your life and did the most dramatic apology you or they seemed like they were different in someway you might cave and fall for them again... Is there at least 1 special perdon with that type of power over you? Just 1... Please be honest and realistic... You can post anonymous or simply vote... Just as long as you don't act like your untouchable or in penetrable... Your only human... I honestly say there's no one cuz I've only fell hard for two women and I don't see them ever showing their faces around me again, they know what the fuck they did so they'd be ashamed or afraid but... There's one if them that might make me question my own resolve... (They'd have to work really hard but they might break me)😓😒

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  • So long as I'm never in the same room with them again that's fine. But sometimes running into someone you wants cared a great deal for can bring all those emotions back temporarily.

    • I agree! Thanks for telling me

    • It isn't real and you just have to remember there is a reason you aren't together.

    • lol there's no one doing it to me right now... I just woke up with this question in my mind... I don't miss that person or anything... I actually don't like anyone at the moment... I'm enjoying single time but I know my single time is almost over... Sooner or later I need to find a girl to fill that void... I'm just enjoying alone time though, there's no fuckun way in hell I miss my ex 😤😂😂

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  • If someone crushes me by breaking my heart, I'd never be naive enough to go back to them, because I'd never go back to the one person who broke me. I'd never allow someone who hurt me have that much control over my emotional.

  • Absolutely, 1. He broke it off with me out of the blue. Tore my heart in pieces, left me on the floor with some glue. I had faith that I could put the pieces back together and glue them, and move forward. Which I did and gave been, however there is not a day that goes by that I dont think about him or fantasize me loving him again. I guess time doesn't heal a broken heart, it only allows a person to live with one.

    • That was a beautiful story and a sad one at the same time 😢

    • I'm sorry things turned out that way for you

  • Oh nahhh. Both of my ex's cheated. The first one. even tried to talk to my best friend. So he definitely holds no power over me. The second ex and I are still friends but I've been completely over him for years. I guess because I didn't really love them. Not that deep kind of love anyway.

    There's currently someone that's pulling on my heartstrings now tho. Trying to get out of this problem I've created for myself.

    • Sigh man check this out.. My fuckin ex girl called me last night when I was buying alcohol for a party and she tells me she recently got pregnant... We haven't spoken in 4 years. So clearly the baby wasn't mine but I'm only trying to understand why call me? When I told her I was single she clipped out... I don't want her... It's been like 4 years a since I even dated anyone lol

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    • I put money above her... Making money was more important to me than she was at the time so I got played... God I miss her but I could never return... She still try's contacting me thinking I'll go back but I never will... I dont forgive betrayal..

    • Oh ok. Well that still doesn't condone cheating. But yeah no going backwards.

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  • there is such a person but no i will never be with her , i dont like her even though i do.