Confidence works better with girls?

Let me describe myself for a better judgement of my situation :
6'2, black hair, short on sides and longer in the middle (brushed to the side), used to work out so i still have a decent frame, dress stylish and sharp in fitting clothes, witty as fuck and quite smart ( even if i dont look like that sometimes but it shows eventually), college student, have a good social circle at colleg ( know almost everyone in my lectures and iam friends with them ) and have many close friends outside of school... iam nice, respectful most of the time until someone pisses me off, laid back and cool, helpful and i dont like hurting people even though sometimes iam like "fk it " .

i also know how to treat a girl great , ex GFs have said iam quite good looking and decent, i get lots of stares and looks whenever iam out... thats cool and all , but iam no badboy, i admit iam really not i can hold my own but for the most part iam not , but i am quite confident , i have confidence and while i am not dating a diffrent girl every week ( i wish ) i do get attention from lots of girls i know, girls that get to see me up close and talk to me , they know that iam nice but for some reason they are still attracted to me, so i started to have these ideas that being a badboy may not benefit me with girls as much cause lets face it some girls wouldn't approach a badboy for the fear of rejection or being treated like shit whereas i've had some nice talks with girls that approach no one else and stay in their own little group bubble, maybe being nice lets girls know you're approachable but confidence keeps them around, keep in mind iam no push over nor a door mat i do some ignoring too sometimes and it works great from what i've noticed.( i could improve thought )

This is against everything on the internet but it seems to work , maybe only in my situation but it does somehow work, so what do you think?


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  • Tl;dr. What's the short version of a question?

    • i wish there was , i mean i dont like writing too many words but sometimes i have to to get the message across... you could say what i wanted to say is : nice confident guys who are not pushovers or doormats fair good with women because they are not afraid to appraoch them , so in theory being a badboy works but you dont have to if you have other things to make up for your lack of badness.

    • Confident guys fair much much better with us. It has nothing to do with being a bad boy. For me anyway.

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  • Confidence is key man. I don't think it really has to do with girls liking "bad boys". It's just that "nice guys" usually have little to no confidence, and most aren't any better than bad boys even tho they think they are. Because a lot of them really only want to have sex, and get upset when a girl doesn't like them back and end up hating her for it. And usually, they will do ANYTHING for the girl. Which is being a doormat, and they think it's just the right thing to do, but that's just too over-the-top.

    I think you have the right mentality about it, and that's why you attract girls without being a douche. There's a big difference between a bad boy, a nice guy, and a nice guy with confidence. I feel like the nice guy with confidence will win probably 90% of the time, unless they're really young (like middleschool or possibly high school) then the bad boy would probably win just to rebel against their parents, or just in general

    • Thats exactly my point badboys are confident so they get girls it has nothing to do with badness , i want to have to have sex too but iam not gonna be mad if she doesn't want to i will be straight forward and tell him that i want sex or show her , and if she doesn't... well not gonna shame her or anything iam nice because iam nice not because iam trying to get sex , so being a doormat and a slave for the girl doesn't really work i mean i did that long time ago and it didn't work so i decided to never do it again and now i dont really do any of that , yea sure iam nice but i have my needs and priorities and the girl rarely has anything to do with it , i can't be an ass really it doesn't feel like me but it still works out , i get attention , sure physical attraction has something to do with it i guess but they dont seem to like me any less once they get to know me

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    • Right? I've learned a lot of shit too. Mostly things to avoid and watch out for, and that lust is a very dangerous game

    • lol lust is indeed dangerous if we start getting feelings , it should be simple , get in , get out and thats it , as straight forward as possible for better results and no broken feelings.