Should I wait for her?

So I've been talking to this girl. She and I are really great together and every time we're together it feels like the best day I've ever had and she tells me the same. We are not dating though because...

i will ask for no judgement please, but there is something of an age difference. I'm 26 with a house and job and car and a career. She's 19 and just started college (that's where we met, we take night classes together). I wasn't looking at her or seeking her out for her age or her looks, we just started talking, I made her laugh and we were good friends for a semester and just learned a lot about each other, our likes and dislikes. She and I have several things we enjoy about each other and things we are interested in. We're both mega dorks, with interests in video games, anime, and watching stupid stuff on YouTube. We jam to the same music (had a wicked rock band session yesterday) and just click on a level I've never felt with another human being. We talked about dating and well she told me that at this moment she doesn't feel like she's at my level of adultness with my job and my house and my car. She doesn't want to make me pay for everything or be unable to contribute to the relationship. She agreed we have chemistry and that there is an attraction but she's not adult enough for me yet but she thinks maybe someday in the far off future or possibly near future she might want that with me but she wants to be a responsible adult about it and she's not asking me to wait and doesn't want to lead me on. Of course, we're also only four months into our friendship too. Every time I'm with her, it feels like we're together, we just don't hold hands or cuddle or kiss yet. We're planning a trip down to Georgia from Missouri to visit some friends of mine on my birthday.

Has waiting ever worked out for anyone? I want to know and if I shoulda wait? There are other prospects but I kinda don't want to lose what I've got with her, it's pretty special.


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  • If she has just started college then she'll find many other guys before she find someone attaractive or fall in love with someone
    I'll prefer you somehow make her realise that you both were meant to be together and she is big enough to get into a relationship!!!

  • If she's worth it, then wait for her, and if not, move on