How to find a girlfriend?

I'm gonna be honest I haven't really dated ever. Does anyone know how I can get a girlfriend. I honestly have a lot going, very nice, I think I'm alright looking. Does anyone know where I can meet some girls? It's just hard to approach random girls. Any help


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  • You should go out and meet friends more often, get them to introduce you to their friends so you get to meet new people, maybe you're stuck with people you've known your whole life? Be better at approaching girls. You could sign up for online dating pages as well.

    • " Be better at approaching girls" . can you explain more?

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    • So let's say once I do that and maybe get their number ask if they wanna chill and go from there? And like maybe meet their friends. I'm just wondering on how to hook up eventually even. Thanks for the help

    • Wait don't ask them to chill lol. Or do you want a relationship or just a hook up?

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  • buy one at walmart. its a discounts period.. .