Intimidation, what is it and how does it affect you?

what intimidates you when it comes to the opposite gender? i used to be intimidated by lots of girls during highschool even though i wasn't interested in dating them, now after graduating and going to college it seemed a bit dumb that i ever thought they were better than me ( of course losing lots of weight, working out, wearing stylish clothes, growing in height... 6'1, gaining lots of skills and abilities and becoming good looking did help with it) ... girls that never looked at me, now stare.

However few things still intimidate me :
1- a rich girl: iam not rich and will never be so if i see a rich girl i avoid dating her even if she is interested mainly because i know i can never give her the lifestlye she wants.
2- extremely pretty : now normally i dont care much about how attractive a girl is, i notice it sure but i dont start sweating or act dumb or anything i keep my cool... except when this happens... i saw a week ago a girl so perfectly beuatiful she's one in a million, simply perfect i can't keep my eyes off her , i know she looks at me too i've seen her but thats not the point, she has such beauty iam intimidated by it and that rarely happens.

thats it pretty much , these two reasons sometimes stop me from making a move or attempt to date a girl , so what about you?


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  • Really good-looking guys with muscle intimidate me, like I get soooo attracted that I'm totally flustered around them. There aren't many guys that can do it to me, but the ones that have it just make me feel so small LOL.


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  • For me, most of the intimidating quality of the opposite gender was just based on me judging them by preconceptions from media, books, fairy tales, etc.

    I got over it when I realized everyone's human, not some magical creature to be adored from afar. There was somewhat of a "whatever" mindset that accompanied it when I started getting over that sense of intimidation.


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  • A group of troll guys
    They don't intimidate me as much as make me uncomfortable because they'd call me and make jokes that are I don't know. Hard to explain. They take the fact that I've never had a boyfriend and use that and say Oh this guys likes you and so does this one but in a sarcastic manner.

    Other than that maybe attractive guys
    They just make me blush and then I get uncomfortable

    Don't think any guy intimidates me
    Unless he wants to beat me up

    • really? guys call you to make fun of the fact that you never had a bf? thats dumb all guys i know want to date a girl and be her first boyfriend ever , it happened to me once and its a good feeling knowing that you're her first , nothing to make fun of here.

    • I guess kinda make fun of me. And since I easily blush they "win" and stop when I blush and then move on.
      Or they'd write fake notes and say Oh it's from this guy and then give it to me and it would be like I like this or this. But it was never written by the dude himself.
      So I'm there like what are we 12?

  • I've been intimidated by exactly one boy, ever. He intimidated me because he was the exact anti-hero of all the deep dark fantasies I'd hatched, written, and cultivated from age 10 onward... and I knew it the moment I saw him.

    He was the only boy who's ever put me at a loss for words. (I'm NEVER at a loss for words. Bla bla bla bla bla bla super ultra overwhelming extrovert.)

    Well, yeah, we've been married for almost 15 years now. <3

  • Attractive guys intimidate me.


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  • super intelligence.

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