Girls, how would you prefer a guy to ask you out?

1. what jf he's good looking?
2._what if he's average looking?
3. what if he doesn't know you at ALL? or is just a classmate/acquaintance?

there's a girl I like in my college math class and am unsure how to ask her out.


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  • I would honestly just be extremely flattered that anyone asked at all, even if I wasn't interested in them. It's a huge compliment.
    If he didn't know me at all, I would prefer that he try to start up some small conversation with me to try and get to know me a little first, then ask to hang out with him, whether it be a date or not (like bowling, movies, etc.). If a few of the dates went well, then it would be appropriate to ask her out I think.

    • so how's, "hey, you look really nice, lets grab a coffee at the campus Starbucks at a certain time and day?"

    • That sounds great to me!

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