Is he interested in me if he texts me one day after the 2nd date? Or just trying to be polite?

So we made out a bit during the second date and I was kinda into him. He was very gentle and even gave me a BJ. I didn't do anything except kiss him back... We didn't have sex and he didn't ask me if I want to do it. I told him I'm a virgin and he respected it. A day later he texted me saying he had a good time. And I asked if he wanted to meet again and he said yes. We didn't text a lot after that. Just shared some ideas what we can do when we meet up again. Well, I showed my interest. He knows I like him. My question: is he trying to be polite to text me? Does he like me or just want to have sex with me?


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  • You will know a guy only wants to have sex if he doesn't care about your feelings, ie pushing too hard to move things to next level.

    • he was super gentle and kept asking me how I feel

    • Some guys will reveal their truth after having sex with you, ie becoming a superb uncaring badboy.
      So it's kinda hard to describe him fully as a person. Try to get to know him better.
      If you feel uncomfortable inside, trust your gut, don't let him have way on you.

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