Girls, after a guy first kisses u is it ok for him to grab ur butt?

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  • depends on the girl but whatever you do move your hands slowly down her back so she knows where its going and can stop you before you get there or you might get ;punched or worse.

    I would not appreciate it and it'd turn me off you for good. it'd male me feel like you're just horny and the kissing is an excuse to grab my bitt. not an expression of liking me. i don't die hook ups so I'm not kissing a guy for the first time bc i want him to grab me anywhere.

    im also not bog on being grabbed anyhow. it reminds me of creepy guys on the subway when i was 11 onward. and i did punch them.

    if yore dating her give it time. if its a hook up well i guess that's what she's there for so go for it, but with anything move slow.

  • Well, if I let him kiss me, then I probably want him to touch me in that way. But, that's just me...

  • No.
    Because it's only a first kiss.