Guy I'm seeing didn't like my profile picture... Not interested?

We've hung out a few times now, but yeah didn't like my photo... This a sign?


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  • As in, he didn't "like" the profile picture on Facebook?

    Give me a break. Girls are reaching for fucking straws all the fucking time.

    Either way, how about asking him instead of looking for signs? How about that? Sound like an adventure? FFS.

    • Ok truth is, I'm trying to gage if my man likes this girl... He always likes my photos and ones she posts of her and mutual friends they have but he didn't like her recent profile picture change selfie. It's pathetic I know but insecurity is an ugly thing

    • You just added another dimension to this insanity.

      Social media isn't worth it because of fucking stupid bullshit like this. Girls like you overemphasize vague activity like wannabe detectives, and it affects your ACTUAL relationship because you can't let petty things go.

      You're not alone. You're not. This is reality. If only you knew how irritating this is... If only. Just stop trying to investigate with your plastic magnifying glass and you'll be fine.

    • Sorry for being so rude. This isn't normal... well.. actually it is. But.. sorry.

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  • Didn't like as in Facebook like, or said he didn't like it?

    Two very, very different things.

  • Just when I thought there wasn't anything to complain about, up there we go.


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  • Not particularly. He probably doesn't care that much about such things.