Why does this guy talk to me alone, online but never at school/around a lot of people?

I've known him for a year and he's my best friend. We do everything together and we've done so much. He got this present for me to do with our inside jokes for my birthday, we have sleepovers, ice skating, random trips and we talk on Facebook almost everyday and we take turns who messages first. I really like him as a friend and nothing else but it's upsetting when he doesn't talk to me in school or barely look at me yet when we alone somewhere it's a different story. It's sad because I love talking to him and there's more school than weekends so I feel like when it's not holidays I drift away from him. If he's my best friend why doesn't he talk to me in certain places. I don't know if he's ashamed I don't think so as people ask him about me and he's just honest and says we're really good friends and stuff but this whole not talking to me makes me feel like sh*t. He talks to everyone's just fine all his other friends/female friends. So why not me?


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  • He might be more popular than you and he's shallow and cares what people think.


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