Does anyone here ever get too nervous to call or text someone you like? How about if you're pretty sure they like you too, or if you're good friends?

I'm not sure how I feel about this one guy, but he put his number in my phone and said I should call him to hang out sometime. I've totally avoided doing it out of nerves alone! Anyone else been through anything similar?


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  • It's totally normal to feel nervous. The nervousness probably signals you feel something towards him. I do 3 things that help me get over the nervousness.

    1) Picture him as an average friend of yours. You are just calling a friend

    2) Plan out what you are going to say before you call that way you won't have an awkward situation.

    3) (band-aid method) if you are procrastinating calling, just dial and call. Once it's ringing, you can't back out of the call.

    Good luck!

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  • Yes, I was just like in a situation similar to yours when I was much younger still in middle school and in high school. I used to be shy talking with my boyfriends as well as my guy friends but then I just realized that I just had to be myself, their really was no reason to be nervous it's something that you can overcome once you have developed confidence from your innerself.

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