How do I find out if a woman is interested in a relationship or not without correctly?

Dont want to come off as desperate and dont want to come on too strong, but I also would like to find out beforehand and not waste my time...

Ignore the "without" I screwed up lol
We have gone out already


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  • Spend time with her. Pay attention to how she looks at you. If you guys are friends/have known each other for a while, see how she reacts when you hug her. Little indicators make a big impact. Good luck.

    • I've known her 2 months. When we go out she looks like she's really thinking about everything I say. She doesn't break eye contact. Weve made out. However, outside of going out she's a terrible texter and claims that she has a large family and that she sometimes even forgets to text them so she tells me to not take it personal...

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    • Ok, I appreciate your help :).

    • No problem! Glad I could help :) Good luck

  • Ask her out, and during a conversation simply ask her what she's looking for. Most guys I've known do that and it doesn't seem desperate. Especially if you guys talk on the phone and stuff.


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