5 dates, things great, guy really liked me, now disappeared, so confused?

I met a guy online and our first date was great! He told me he was nervous which was sweet. At first I was not as into him as he was me. There were just some things in conversation that he was not as confident. But I was having fun and he was sweet. He asked me out again that night and I said yes. He made dinner for me we were going to go to a Christmas party he invited me to. Due to car problems, we couldnt go but its ok. We talked a lot did make out some. It was very clear he liked me a lot. We literally talked the whole night. I slept there for like 1 hour and then went home. We talked whether was phone or text everyday. He was not a phone person, but said he liked calling me. He asked if I was seeing anyone else and I said yes I am dating. He said he was only seeing me. he had already taken himself off the site. He would tell me he missed me. We had dinner again and it was great. He came over for New Years, we had a real nice time and he did stay over, but we just slept and held each other. I started to like him more. We continued to talk on phone and talk about our next plans. That week though he was getting sick so didn't talk much, but he was good about telling me, im not feeling well sorry not talking much. That Friday he called me at his lunch break singing I can't feel my face when Im with you... and said he missed hearing my voice and we talked about next plans. Later, I texted for sponatenous plans that night but he couldnt-plans with brother. Next day I texted him saying hope night was good. He later said it was ok, went to LA with brother to see mom something happened with family. He was coming back to SD the next day. Next day, I let himk now hope everything was ok and then casually let him knwo about a party I was having and invited him for that Saturday. Never answered. Tuesday comes still nothing. I called, left vm seeing if he was ok. Still nothing. Sunday called one last time and nothing. I dont get it. why dissapear?


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  • Maybe he was intimidated at the thought of a party and having to meet all your friends. But to not respond for over a week is very odd. Is he back on the dating site? I would actually just request some response to know he didn't die in a car crash or something.

    • He invited me to the Christmas party so didn't think a big deal. Plus based on other conversations, he would have told me that. Our communication was really good.

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    • Yeah if it was one or 2 dates and you could tell it was fizzling is one thing but from what you described of him and his attraction, I'm kinda concerned. Will you let me know if you get a response?

    • Yes I'm concerned too. I will post on here yes if I do hear. I'm thinking to send a text asking him to let me know if he's ok, but I've already called twice.

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