Did this guy only want a hook up?

So me and this guy met on a dating app and we met in real life went to the mall and he bought me food and we talked and stuff and then he said he wanted to make out and we did a bit but i didn't really want to continue and I told him so then after that it was awkward because we didn't really talk and he said he wanted to go home. Does that mean he only wanted a hook up? The original plan was to meet at my house but we couldn't. I feel really sad for some reason because I thought he was nice and cool and I enjoyed talking to him but then this happened. What should I do? Is there something wrong with me?

  • He wanted a hook up
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  • He wanted to hangout/date (not hookup)
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  • He probably only wanted to hook up, since he did say he wanted to make out, and you rejected it later not wanting to- so by his actions just shows that he was looking for play and not an actual hang out talking type of thing.

  • Forget him. There's nothing wrong with you. Keep looking for a better guy.

  • He wanted nothing more than just in between your legs.