I tried everything I could... Should I tell my crush I like him in a short LETTER?

I have liked this guy for a while... He is 26, I am 28. He is a family friend, always nice with me, but I feel there is something more, but he isn't approaching me. He is single, although girls always comment on his social media and he does too. His sis is my friend and I told her, but didn't ask for her help. I always try and talk to him when I see him (rarely), tried fb chat, but I can't flirt as he is a fam friend, it's awkward. Then I always message him for his b'day and new year, he does too. I also got him gifts before, he was very thankful. I read up so many articles and books on how to approach guys and that stuff, tried some tips, but I cannot get to the next stage, as I believe he doesn't even know I like him... I want to write him a letter, just saying few sentences and if he'd like to get to know each other. Is this desperate? Please help me, as I feel like he needs a push and can't choose from so many girls (he is attractive). But I like him for his personality, we are kind of similar and he is just too sweet... I realy appreciate your help! Thanks in advance


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  • Well a letter will do it if you can't get past the anxiety but you're better off just telling him how you feel in person.

    • Thanks for your reply! Yeah I know, but I don't know how to tell him in person, we aren't really friends, we just know each other...

    • Well how would you want a guy to approach you about something like that?

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  • Don't write a letter. Ask him out in person.

    • Thanks for your reply! Yeah, maybe a letter is odd, I don't know. But I can't ask him out in person, only message :/ plus I am afraid he'll say no. What do I do then...

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  • I'd probably not go for a letter - ring him and ask if he wants to go see a film or go for a coffee or something, see where it goes from there. Nothing wrong with dating family friends. If I got a letter from a girl I'd probably think it was cute if I liked them back but a bit odd. Just do what you want, but over the phone. Have a plan of the date and time to go out beforehand as well. Good luck!

    • Thanks for your reply! Hmm, so you think a letter is odd, even if you liked a girl (hopeing he likes me). Yeah, your idea is good, but I don't think I have the strengh to do it... I was thinking to call him to this football game, he likes football and its national team playing. Is that a good idea? But I thought I could viber message him asking that, I am so lost...

    • Calling increases your chances in my opinion, and that sounds like a great idea :) I mean if you are amazing at love letters go for it, in retrospect it's not too weird to write a letter. Just for immediate plans I wouldn't rely on the postman xd good luck!

  • Shure. What you could do is ask to hang out, and tell him how you feel. 1 on 1

    • Thanks for your reply! I wish I had the courage to ask him out...

    • I had the same problem. I wrote the girl 2 letters and she never acted diffrent.

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