Am I being stood up?

Over break, this guy talked about all the stuff we were gonna do when we got back to college. He made plans, had ideas, said he got me a gift, he even asked to sleep over... He talked to me every day.

Now that we're back I asked him when he wanted to hang out. He said this week, but it's Thursday and I haven't heard from him. I know he might be busy, but then why not just tell me that instead of me just sitting here waiting? He even texted me today and hadn't mentioned a thing and he's barely responding.

Am I being stood up? Is he just not interested anymore?

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  • Too much of a significant change in interest to be hopeful here. I think he met someone else.

  • Being back at college probably means he is quite busy. Just give him a phone call and ask him round to sleep over if you want of just chat or whatever, if he turns that down then it's a bit odd.


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