I really hate my culture?

Being Indian is a large limitation in the west. As an Indian myself, I can only attribute this kind of behavior to cultural upbringing. This is especially true to those who are 1st generation immigrants (born in America, parents from India). Parents basically control every aspect of a boy's life. Study, get 100s in class, avoid participating in sports, and don't even think about girls. No girl (Asian, White, Latina, European, or Black) likes Indian guys. Even Indian girls flat out hate Indian men. I have no girlfriend and still am a virgin (18 years old). Prior to my current freshman year of college, I never even had a female friend. I made many in college, but lack game to flirt. My mom is also trying to raise me traditionally (stay close as possible and go home on weekends) to be beta as possible. I threatened to block her number and that made her cry. My mom discourages going to the gym or socializing.

I crush on Asian and White girls (the 2 leading demographics in my uni, no Indian girls) and am usually a friend or aquaintance. Flirting makes me look creepy. Having a pot belly and short height (5 foot 9) isn't too helpful. My parents are shorter and fatter.

I hate my family and culture with a huge passion.


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  • Stop being down on yourself. Workout. You do NOT need a gym to work out. Diet. MARKET yourself. You are NOT the "the creepy Indian guy." You are the mysterious exotic gyy from the culture that wrote the Kama Sutra.

    • 1. what are good diets?
      2. explain market yourself.
      3. how do I get a gf/casual sex?

    • 1 use Google to find weight loss advice and diets
      2 by market yourself I mean create a personna. That personna should be foreign sexy mysterious forceful. Play that role until it's you work out. Quote indian poetry. .
      3 the casual sex follows #2

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