Is there a way to fix this argument?

My boyfriend wants me to go out every day, like I used to do for all the years we are together. But I have too many stuff going and I go out late, anxious and tired, so we end up having a bad time. He's telling me he works but he still manages to go out with me every day. He got angry with me and he thinks I've found someone else, because I told him to go out only when we can, not every day. I just can't, I feel under pressure constantly, because there's just too many stuff going to have the time and energy to go out every single day. And he told me he doesn't want a relationship like that...


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  • I know excatly what u are talking about and it's so much hard to make it clear especially it was habbit before .. that make ur guy away from u and he will search for anyone else to be with so try to go out like day and day after so u'll be clear which days u'll be with.. i know it could be difficult for u but he will understand u want to be with him so bad but u have other deals to be done so be careful and try to let hive ur guy double love for the days u didn't see him :) good luck


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