What do I do when I really miss a girl?

I met this girl about 2 years ago, in Spain (where I lived for 3 years with my dad's work), and I really liked her a lot. As in more so then any other girl I have met in my life, but due to distance, cultural, and language barriers I decided not to ask her out, and I knew my family was moving back to the US in a few months which made the decision more solid. Despite this though I got really close with her, and we hung out a lot, especially in the final weeks I was in Spain. I think the worst part of it is that I never knew how she felt about me, she was always so happy and interested around me and I know the thought at least crossed her mind, but I never took advantage of it. So part of me is angry that I couldnt talk to her about it, and part of me is also upset that I can't be with her. I haven't seen this girl in 2 years, and yet I still dream about her from time to time, and occasionally (like last night), I'll wake up in the middle of the night with my mind racing about her. My roommate at college has told me a number of times that he heard me mumbling in my sleep about someone, and I usually just write it off and laugh but I know I am mumbling about this girl. This situation is just so weird, I've met and dated a few girls in the past but none of them did this to me, I dont dream about them or wake up in the middle of the night thinking about them, and I never did, even when I liked them. I tried going on dates here in the US to get over the Spanish girl but it didn't work, it just made me realize that the Spanish girl was truly one of a kind and other girls aren't nearly as great as she is. What do I do? How do I forget about her?


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  • "What do I do?" Give yourself time... time to get over her... time to get over the regret of lost opportunity.

    "How do I forget about her?" You don't.

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