Guys, what do you like in a female?

What kind of appearance?
Lifestyle habits?
Dress style?
Beliefs about marriage and family life?

This is just a general survey question for my own personal use, so I can see how desirable I would be to the typical man on the street. Feel free to answer however you want.


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  • Looks wise: have to look comfortable with your body and clothes. Preferably fit. Not as in muscly but athletic.

    Personality: has to have a passion. Something they get animated about whether it be horses or cooking. Funny yet serous. Practical smart. Doesn't need to be rocket scientist smart but witty is nice. Imagination is a big one. I like making up fantasy situations. Once me and a girl had a plan to make book scented candles that would expand to soap. We'd then do it fight club cycle with lypo suction setting automated booths up all over the country. It was funny and fun. Doesn't complain during tough times but soldiers on.

    Lifestyle: I don't want her committing her entire life to me so she's clingy. Needs her own friends and hobbies. Also needs to be sustainable (has a career).

    Beliefs I'll respect. Even if their different, as long as she doesn't impose them on me.

    Summary. Has to know what she wants, confident yet not dominating, fit, fun, brains, can live rough, has passion.