He's arranged all three dates so far. Does anyone have any Fourth date ideas?

So far we've been bowling, to an arcade, to the movies and his house. On the last date he cooked for me. All dates were organised /suggested by him. Now it's my turn, any ideas? My house is off limits.


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  • Mini golf, dinner, the zoo, a play, a concert or an all night fuck fest

    • Thank you I like all of those. Sex isn't on the menu for the time being though.

    • There's also museums, planetarium

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  • Coffeehouse, amusement park or park.


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  • Go for a drive, certainly there are some pretty drives near your city. If you don't have a car, try coffee or tea house hopping (make a list of local tea or coffee shops, and go and get a small drink go to the next one and at the end compare and contrast.

    • Thanks. The tea hopping would only work for me, since he doesn't drink hot drinks :/

    • bakeries or pastry shops then?

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