Where does one go to find Cute/Attractive girls who are not that crazy with the party and drinking at a young 18-21 age group?

I recently turned 18 and im finding it quite difficult to find girls who are not into the whole party and drinking thing at my age group at least. Im not saying that partying and drinking is wrong but the kind of girl i am looking for.. I feel that its very rare to find them in those situations. Im into self improvement with everything in my life. Body/Mind/Spiritual all of that sorts. I have found it difficult to find similiar like minded people at my age. Now i know that they are out there im just looking in the wrong places. So girls like this where do i find you and your peers alike. An obvious one would be the gym ofc. But where else? Any opinions will be appreciated. Thank You!


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  • School, cafes, clubs (as in, hobbies not dance clubs haha). If you have certain interests, then explore the places where you would hang out to find likeminded girls.

    • Thank you. In your opinion.. How would i approach a girl at a library where it is suppose to be quiet.

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    • I think for the first, how to approach a girl without coming off creepy- I think if you have creepy intentions (just wanting to hook up with a girl) it will show. I would be careful of approaching her by commenting on her looks or how attractive she is, but just try to have a casual conversation like you would anyone and introduce yourself. This is just what I prefer, I'm sure some girls don't mind guys that are straightforward off the bat.

      And I don't think I've ever told a guy I want to be friends first to his face, I mean, I do like to get to know guys first but if I'm pursuing them to date then I would get to know them in a dating setting, without moving too quickly. But I can definitely see why a girl would say that to a guy. But there is a difference of "I want to be friends first and see where things go" and "I just want to be friends."

    • Very interesting. I once in school walked from where i was sitting maybe 50 meters to a girl i thought was cute that was sitting down on the field right. She had her hair done very well. And i complimented it straight away. Then i had a conversation with her. But i did walk very far to her it was very obvious where i was heading. And we have never spoken before. But when i complemented hair she said oh thank you. But in a stutter not sure this is weird kinda way. Any ideas?

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  • Habitat for Humanity, Lowes, Barnes & Noble, out hiking, university library, dog park, church...

    • Thank you ! What is lowes?

    • Oh... Lowes is an awesome hardware and home improvement store. They have classes on how to build things. :) Power tools; much fun.

    • I dont think i have that here in my country. Are you sure i will find feminine girls here or at those kind of places?

  • Look for the lonely shy girl who constantly gets bullied by attenion whores. Js.

    • Where would i find such a girl? Shy girls usually have a lot to say and are very interesting and cute quirks! In my experience at least. But they hide ! So where do i find them?

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    • I will sort that out now.

    • Following try now?

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