So guy would drive to my house to make out but doesn't want to pick me up for a date?

I've been talking to this guy for a month. We met online have yet to meet in person. So far we've had great chemistry. However we've hit a bump. My car recently broke down. I told him this and he still insists on meeting, okay I'm fine with that. But here's the thing. I have two roommates so me having privacy doesn't always fare well. i told him once I got the house to myself he could come over and we could cook and watch a movie, he also mentioed making out which I'm fine with. But in the meantime He suggested we can go out. I haven't asked him to pick me up, in my past with dating, guys usually pick me up, it's whatever. More than half the time they prefer to be the ones driving.

So Anywho, I told this guy we could possibly meet at this mall it's not too far from my place, nor his. My problem is I will have no way home. I can get a ride there but I may get myself stranded. He hasn't offered to bring me home at all. I find it strange that he's willing to drive to my house at all costs but when it comes to going out he doesn't. I'm confused. He basically mentioned fooling around and me giving him a bj. I just keep picturing giving him a bj and then being kicked out of his car. I don't understand this situation.


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  • That's because he just wants to hook up with you but doesn't like you enough to put in effort for a date. This is someone you don't wanna waste time on. I would just stop talking to him lol

    • Yeah true, I need to shut it down before I allow myself to get mad.

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  • Ask the guy if he can give you a ride FFS. Or, get a cab. Or a bus, or a train, or an Uber. So many options here - is it not likely that the guy just assumed you'd USE one of those?

    If you ask I'm sure it'll be no problem.

    • But why is he willing to drive over to my house with no thought but when it comes to making plans outside of my bedroom it becomes an issue. That is what I'm getting at.

  • 20 bucks say you still gonna drive there and come back on yourself lol

    • Well I'm not driving anywhere for the time being lol. If he continues not offering than I will just stop. I don't have time for men like that.

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    • What services? Lol I mean you can call ubrr

    • If you're not actually going to give me an answer and actually be helpful just stop talking.

  • You don't want the guy knowing where you live at this point, do you?


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