Why would a guy?

Get angry somebody is calling your phone at midnight if he claims he doesn't want a relationship?


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  • did you need homework help at midnight?

    • Nooooooo but why did he get so angry it was a girlfriend and then he said i could talk to other guys but gets mad somebody called my phone at midnight

    • he got angry cuz a girlfriend called you? i find that hard to believe.

      were you in the middle of cuddling and watching a movie? (or something intimate)

      you're not giving many details so it's hard to say.

    • Yes were and he started to question me and get very upset. Like we were together.

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  • I guess it depends if you're with him or not, perhaps he's slightly jealous because he wants your attention.


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  • Did it wake him up?

    Perhaps he's jealous. If he claims he doesn't want a relationship he's still subconsciously protective of you while in his company. Imagine your ex dating someone else after you broke it off. You'll probably have a small tinge of anger. Or a little more relevant imagine him with someone else.

    How long ago did he claim he didn't want a relationship? Perhaps he is thinking of the possibility in the near future...

  • Maybe he's not saying his true feelings


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