Does Having a Single Man-Crush Make Me Gay?

I know this sounds really weird and almost laughable, but despite feeling only attracted to women, I have a ridiculously huge man-crush on the Angel Castiel from Supernatural. I'm not sure why, I guess I just find his character comforting and sort of soothing during extremely difficult times in my life like constantly moving and feeling insecure over the future.

Does this mean I'm a gay on some subconscious level or something? Or does it merely reflect something weird about my psych and mental wellbeing?


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  • Are you sexually attracted to him? Would you date/kiss/have sex with him (if those were options)?

    Or is he just kind of comforting?

    If it's the first thing, you might be gay

    If it's the second, I doubt you're gay

    • Not a sexual attraction whatsoever, but in an emotional dare I even say "romantic" sort of way but without the sex part.

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    • That makes sense, thank you. I appreciate how helpful you were when most people would just laugh.

    • I'm a Psychology student actually so I've learned to not judge :)

      You're welcome though!

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  • I have like hundred man crushes lol

  • I have a crush on @consultantisback no homo