Girls would you like or dislike a kiss on the forehead from a guy you like but only started dating you?

Lets say before parting ways for awhile after spending the day together he gives you a quick kiss on your forehead. Would you like or dislike this. I heard some people say that a kiss on the forehead means friend zoning someone, but other people say a guy kissing a girl on the forehead means he cares about her deeply. What do you think?


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  • Oh God yes!
    Butterflies in my tummy, gummy bears, cute little rainbows and walking on sunshine. Those are what I feel when a cute guy kisses me on my forehead. A guy that I used to have a crush on kissed me on my nose before giving me roses, and I almost fainted. :) :) :)

  • Yes, i would like it. And yes it's an obvious sign that he cares.


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