Anyone have any cute first kiss stories?

i love hearing these stories


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  • hmm seeing how I do not like any of my ex boyfriends. nooo I do not have any cute kiss stories. first off, I am a good kisser but the guys I've gone out with are not even comparable.

    • I ment your first kiss ever and that does not answer my question

  • I think mines kinda cute.

    I started out holding hands with the guy I liked and we held hands and flirted for like 2 months. Then randomly the other night we were watching a movie together alone in the dark and he had his arms around me and I was almost asleep on his shoulder when he randomly shifted me so he was between me and the back of the couch and he was slightly over me and I just thought nothing of it and closed my eyes then he kissed my cheek and I thought "ohmygod! is he gonna kiss me?" And as soon as I thought that he already was. It was cute, romantic, and great :)