Which is the best first date out of these two?

both would be followed by london eye and meal!

  • Sealife London
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  • London Dungeons
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  • Looks like someone's in for a treat! He he! I think both are great ideas, and really depends on the type of girl.

    I voted for London dungeons, cos I am a history and culture buff. So love to be transported to another time and taught about the way people experienced life then. But a nature lover might like the sealife idea better? The way I see it, an aquarium is an aquarium, is an aquarium...

    Anyway that's just my two cents. by the way I hope you already know this girl and like her, cos that's pretty Long for a first date...

    • thanks well we have not met in real life yet but been texting/phonecall for four months nearly!
      so would it bet better just the london eye and a meal?
      or London dungeons and a meal?
      or all three?

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    • Sorry can't help with the restaurant. Never been to London, so I don't know the restaurant. I just googled the attractions to know what they were about before I answered.

      I like the idea of the meal in between, so you have a chance to sit down and discuss the dungeon experience. Also recooperate a bit before another activity. And if all goes well and you both are feeling it, do the London eye, and it would be a great place for the first kiss...

    • Or if the first kiss is too bold for the first date, at least some hand holding and gazing at the beautiful sights together. Nice romantic ending, leaving butterflies in your tummies... He he

  • I vote B, solely because I don't support sea life and other things regarding it.

    • oh okay i thought the london dungeon would be good as thiers lots to do and theirs even rides in their lol

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