Is He Actually Interested?

I've currently been in my first relationship for a week plus one day. I have no idea if he's actually interested on me on what because I told him around a month ago that I have a crush on him, then a few weeks after aka a week and one day ago he told me that he thinks I'm cute and that's he's been thinking about ous being in a relationship and then he asked me to be his girlfriend which I responded woth Yes. I've so far been some what dissapointed with out relationship because we both hate texting (although I wouldn't mind at all texting if it's with him specifially) we only text when I ask him something like if he's staying after school etc., and he responds quickly. And we hug and we kiss each others cheeks. He once locked his lips with mine for like 3 seconds which I did not respond to because of the shock and he has not tried kissing me on the lips again since then and I don't know I've just been dissapointed in our relationship because since I was young I've seen all these "relationship goals" things/stuff that I wish me and my boyfriend did but we don't. Plus he's the shy type that is smart (he has all honor classes while I have no honor classes) and I'm also shy (most courageous thing I did was tell him I have a crush on him). So WHAT DO I DO?


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  • Dunno, all I can say is that it sounds like we have two passive people who are afraid to do anything aggressive. Someone has to grab the reins and make things happen for a passionate relationship.

    It's like you can't have two people dancing and both trying to follow each other's steps. Someone has to lead. It's typically the man but if your guy is shy, you might have to nudge him a bit.

    So I don't know. If you want to make things happen, make things happen. It sounds like he's perfectly interested in you but you're just both in this awkward situation, both passive and afraid to do anything. You can try to wait until he works up his courage, or you can make it happen sooner with your own courage.

    You can be spontaneous a bit. Stop the elevator and grab him for a kiss. It's better than twiddling thumbs. Someone has to be an aggressor for things to happen (but not too aggressive, or other might be scared off). Life's too short to be worried about "what if" scenarios. You just grab life by the balls (or vag -- dunno) and go for it.


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