Meeting her for the first time! What should be it like? What should I do?

hey there fellows, this girl is my classmate, we havnt talked much, neither do we know each other well, but yet she agreed for a coffee, so what and how should i prepare for this date, however its not a date its just a coffee to know each other.


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  • Just dress nice and be yourself! Think of a few questions you might want to ask her, but you also don't want to make it sound like you studied note cards all night! Just be yourself, compliment her when she arrives (i. e., you look great, that's a good color on you, etc.). Ask her about HER. It's okay to talk about yourself but not TOO much. Just be casual! Have fun!


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  • Just be casual, and treat her with respect. Talk about fun stuff, but also flirt a bit so that she knows your romantic intent. Good luck! :)