Should I tell him how I feel?

We first hooked up after a night out a year ago, and have been hooking up since. A month after he asked me out on a date over Christmas break and we then hung out again two days later. But at that point I was still at school three hours away so we would just hook up and sleep together whenever we saw each other. We never talked about what we were or our feelings. I guess I just assumed it was casual and he didn't like me. I really do like him and have feelings for him and care about him. I don't want to just hook up, it's not what I want anymore. I asked him if he liked me two months ago and he said of course, but we were both drunk so pretty sure he didn't remember. A week later when I saw him, he tried to kiss me, I didn't let him and he just left...(we were both drunk again). After he left I was mad and messaged him that I like him but think we would be better off just friends. He said "well if thats how you feel". I said we should talk and he just never replied.. So then A month ago we ended up talking, drunk though. He apologized and told me he was just scared of rejection and being hurt and didn't know how to say how he felt. I told him I was scared too. He also said he was hurt and upset over what I said. I found out I got the job I wanted in Europe and will be moving there in 2 weeks. He said he was going to miss me. He slept over and we did have sex, its soo good, I can't turn it down. I do like him and want to be with him. But I'm leaving. I still don't get what he wants.. I know I should have told him my feelings and had this convo along time ago but I was scared. And I didn't really know what I wanted. I don't want to be with anyone else. When I try to talk to other guys he just gets mad and jealous.. Im just stuck in this confusion.. I like him and want to be with him.. and he won't tell me what he wants.. when I try to meet other people he gets mad and jealous.. he wasn't talking to anyone or sleeping with anyone else for a whole year until now he webt on some date two weeks ago.. but I also slept with someone else two weeks ago..

I saw him lastnight and he was awkward around me, won't make eye contact and avoided and ignored me all night... why?

Is it even worth me telling him how I feel and being honest. Telling him I care about him or will he just not care?


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  • I think you'll feel better in the long run after you tell him how you feel, even if it doesn't turn out how you want. It really seems like he has feelings for you as well and that he does care for you. I also think you telling him how you feel will help him open up to you and he'll tell you how he feels. Just try and do it sober (I mean this in a nice way, I just noticed that every time you talk about it, you're drunk!). Hope it all works out for you :)

    • I want to talk to him sobber. No more of this drunk talk because it only makes things more confusing. I want to meet up with him and tell him I care about him and will miss him. I want to ask him what this ever was and if it wasn't for me moving would we just have continued this for who knows how long.. I feel he might have felt the same way I did and didn't say his feelings for me because he didn't know if I liked him or how I felt or what I wanted. I also gave him a lot of mixed signals. Maybe he also suppressed his feelings for me. Out of curiosity why do you think he still has feelings for me? I appreciate the advice, thanks:)

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    • Well that's why you need to invite him out, I'm sure he'll accept. Once you two meet up for coffee or lunch, then bring it up and talk about it. Once you do you'll feel much better.

    • I know but if he doesn't feel the same it will be awkward lol
      Why do you think he ignored me? Because Im moving? I really dont get it though.. he's being pretty immature.. we had that drunk conversation a month ago and everything was fine.. then I saw him a week after and we had sex and everything was fine, but i then had sex with someone else a day later (not sure if he knows). I messaged him on new years drunk saying happy new year.. and then asked him why he was being mean to me,,, but he wasn't i was just drunk.. and then 2 weeks ago I found out he went on a date with some mystery girl... and when i saw him last weekend he ignored and avoided me... what in the world... he's 26..

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