Why can't I just be in a decent relationship for ones?

i feel like i have never been in a healthy relationship and i just dont understand why. im outgoing, talkative, considerate and kind but know how to stand up for myself and dont let anyone disrespect me, im creative, always have interesting ideas and am a very curious person so im always learning something new and like to share it with others, i like to joke around and make people laugh, im fun to be around and am always somehow making new friends without even trying, im very sexual but not loose i only have sex with guys who i date for a while, and on top of it all, i look good. long hair, colored eyes, love working out and have a curvy figure (not fat. curvy as in i have curves on my body. small waist, wider hips). the main two things that i hear a lot are that im attractive and that i have a positive vibe and am great to be around. well then why can't i ever find a decent guy? every guy i've ever talked to or been with was either immature, was a lowlife with bad habits, dishonest, annoying, or i just simply wasn't feeling him as much as he was feeling me. i feel like im constantly settling just because i want someone around. and im sick of hearing that i'll eventually meet the guy. when? im not even asking for someone to marry, just a decent guy to date. everyone else around me seems to be able to date someone for long periods of times and be happy but not me, nope. i have to wait til im like 30 (if not more) to finally meet this perfect guy who's "just around the corner" i am just so fed up.


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  • "Well why can't I meet a decent guy?" Are you sure you haven't?

    Based on your self-description and the details you've provided, I suspect you've had your share of opportunities to meet and date various types of guys, no?

    • yes, i've been dating for a whilee. i've dated a lot of different guys and guys of different races too so its like i've branched out, i didn't just stick with one type. and yes i have met some good guys before, im not saying every guy i've ever met was horrible, but all the ones that were good, there was just zero chemistry. like being around a brother you know. and like i said the ones who did seem good andd there was a connection, turned out to be dishonest and just hid their true colors very well for a while

    • My point is, you've had the opportunity to date decent guys. If you're looking for a guy who checks all, or most, of the boxes on your list, then, the difficulties you are experiencing isn't unusual.

    • well im not extremely picky. i just want someone with a good energy and someone i can get along with and have an understanding (similar personality and way of thinking). thats really it. just someone i can get along with nicely and enjoy being around. and yeah i know there's no way to alwayys be getting along, and im glad because i would be really bored if there was NEVER any problems and never any arguments, but its like every guy i've been with just somehow crossed the line. like disrespected me or just irritated me to no end because we didn't understand each other. ALL my relationships have ended badly.

  • At least you've been in any relationship.


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