This girl is way too independent we can't really even spend time together what should I do?

I like independent girls but this is radiculous I have been seeing her for 7 months we hangout but its never for more than an hour she always cuts it off at an hour and always wants to do her own thing. Then its not like she just not into me because after i thought she just dissapeared she wants to hangout again. I haven't seen her in a month we talked priefly now she says she's busy till march. Im pretty busy too but this is crazy i feel like she doesn't even care so i just move on then somehow she draws me back in. I really want to know her deeply but then she pulls back never gives me too much. I actually would like a deep relationship or at least a friend but she always does her own thing she never mentioned dating or too much about the future so its weird yet we have known each other a while. Im not in the friendzone so i dont even know what to think but its hard for me to keep this going i want to really know her inside and out and i have been patient but she just isn't available. I dont know weather to say come back when you want something serious because maybe there's nothing wrong with this i can get a new girl while she does this but i really like her I haven't seen girls i like on this level. She just doesn't care though it seems should i just move on? why does she like come and go and never available yet still wants to contact me and hangout?


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  • You need to have this conversation with her. Ask her what's going on and if what you two are doing together just bores the hell out of her.

    • yeah i know i have been meaning too its just we don't spend too much time together so i want to make the little time positive. She's always laughing it seems like she's enjoying the company but she never takes it any further and cut. do you know whats going on with her do you know girls who do this? I will ask her next time i see her

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