Should I ask him?

I have known this guy for a year and we have started getting close. We trust each other with a lot of things others don't know about us. We have fooled around a few times, shared a bed, done the whole 'you shower well I brush my teeth' thing, and things like that. Somewhere in there I found myself falling hard. I don't want your friendship to go down hill but I want him to know... What should I do?


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  • Just ask him for casual sex and hope you turn into his wifey

    • We have oral a lot.

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    • just tell him out right

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  • You already know my answer hun :) hope things work out for you eventually

  • I know that what you want to hear is that you should tell him but to be honest you really have to consider completely loosing him and think if it's worth it if not, I'd it is then sure go for it.

    • There is no way either of us could last a few days without the other. I haven't talked to him in three days and he messaged me saying his lost it and hurt himself.

    • Then take some time and really think about it because no matter what things could always change <3

    • Thank you. <3