I don't know whether to call/text her or not?

I got along really well with this girl, well enough to ask her to do things with me and for her to agree. I knew her for about four months. I never could really gauge her interest in me, but because she kept saying yes to hang out, I kept asking her. However, near the end of it, when I'd ask her out, she'd get wishy-washy and ultimately decide not to hang out. That happened a couple times before I gave up.

So that was three months ago. She told me when we were still hanging out that she'd be gone on vacation in February and be back on the 20th. I haven't had contact with her in these past three months. To tell you the truth, I took it pretty hard--I literally felt like my heart was broken--when she started to flake. I think it's because I've never felt like this around a woman before and my social life is pretty limited, while her's is pretty big.

So now my heart is growing bigger and as the 20th approaches I'm wondering whether to text her or not. A lot of me, though, feels slighted that she decided not to take out time for me; I mean, if I wasn't worth the trouble then, why would I be now? I have a feeling that contacting her might reopen the wounds, especially if I get false hope again.

Should I just bottle this feeling inside of me and let it pass and forget about her? I think I've done a pretty good job recovering, but her looming return might precipitate a relapse.


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  • you should talk to her, but if she makes it clear that there is nothing between you two then give up but it seems like she hasn't been clear about what she wants.

    if I were you I would just contact her and ask her how her trip was stuff like that. don't bring up anything about the relationship yet though, see if she's interested first.

    • You're right, she hasn't been clear at all, which makes it so tough. If she ever just said "we shouldn't do this" this would be a piece of cake and I wouldn't have been so affected.

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    • THe very last time I asked her to go do something with me, she wouldn't give me a response right away (it was a text). She replied two days later and asked what time (except in her usual teasing way which made it seem like she was interested). But she kept saying she was "busy" for whatever day I said. So I got angry for getting false hope and just gave up.

    • Yea she's playing games, it seems like she just really enjoys male attention and for guys to be hung up on her.

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