Was this a screwed up hang out or what?

I hang out with my former coworker yesterday. He im guessing forgot me? I texted him I was done at work and he forgot me. He called me to tell me he was almost there never said it but he said it was due to the rain. He said it was raining really badly. He finally picked me up. He drove me everywhere in downtown. He Tried to look at the movie place what they were showing. He showed me his uncle house. At one point he just flat out told me that I needed to speak up and he said it a sweet way. He touched my thigh twice. Like almost squeezed. I guess he felt bad for saying it cause I am quiet. I guess he thought it was quiet. He even asked me what was on my mind and what what the first thing I had on my mind. Finally got to his home. He says he was excited to watch the movie with me and said it three time and like touched me shoulder. He had a love seat. I sat on it and he sat in a separate chair. Then later he asked if I was working Friday to watch a movie with him. I said I was closing. He said i should call out. He opened the doors for me. We didn't eat anything just talked and watch a couple of movies. He showed me his thanks and even did a fake British accent even tho he was. I don't know what to think of this.


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  • Sounds like he wants to date you..


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