I stopped talking to all the guys... But He has all his exes etc. On social media is this fair?

We recently went into the discussion of social media. I deleted all of mine a couple years ago. Due to x boyfriends etc. The only thing I do have is snap chat. the guy we'll call him Jeff and I actually knew each other for a while but eventually started flirting on snapchat. This is Jeff's 3rd chance the other 2xs I ended up cutting him off and deleting him from SC.. He recently addressed about how he never deletes people and how he has exes etc. I stopped talking to other ex hookups once we started being together and according to him so did he... But how can that b if he has everything backed up on social media. he is contantly on face book and instagram which I have no clue of what he does because I no longer have them. Is this immature of me to be bothered by this?


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  • No, it's not fair at all.