Guys, How long should I wait for my boyfriend to introduce me to his family?

My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year now. We met at work so we see each other every day and we both moved cities so we could be closer together... Actually we live on the same street as each other. I've met his friends and his sister knows about me by accident but I still haven't met his family and he hasn't told his parents about me. He's really close with them and talks about them all the time so it worries me for a few reasons: 1) if his parents aren't the reason, what's wrong with me? 2) the longer I'm with him the stronger my feelings are for him so if his parents don't like me it will just make things so much more painful 3) his best friend told me he finds it weird that I haven't been introduced yet.

I've already asked him about it and his answer is he likes to keep his love life to himself and in his family introducing a girlfriend or boyfriend means it is a serious relationship. At a year, shouldn't things be getting serious?


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