The guy I'm seeing is going camping with 2 mates and a girl... Cause for concern?

He's going with his mate and his mates friend. He also said this girl who works at a camping shop will be going - he said this girl is friends with his mate although I don't think this is true... When we look at his phone (together) I see that they text and snapchat a bit... I'm not sure if I should be worried that something could happen between them on this trip.. He said he's met her a few times and she's alright..

been with him a year, get along great and we can be 100% ourselves. We call and talk mostly everyday (every second day at most), great sex and we go on dates.

Im fine with havejng girl friends and I realise I may be over reacting but do you think he's telling me that she's a friends friends because he doesn't want me to worry?

I've looked back over our calls/ texts and we speak pretty much every day, his replies being late at night... I think I am over reacting but would appreciate the publics opinion.

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  • If it was just him and her I'd say you had cause for concern. But I don't see anything in your question that would lead me to believe anything shady is going on.

    • Yeah that's true. The girl is exactly his type but closer to his age so I guess that's why I'm concerned

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  • You may be over-reacting. Unless he gave you any cause for concern, you should just relax. I know it's hard to trust guys these days with other females. But some of us guys are actually good ones. I'd say give him the benefit of the doubt right now until he proves to you otherwise.

    • Thankyou, he hasn't really given me any reason to doubt him. He speaks to me every day and I feel if he was involved with this girl he wouldn't have told me about her and that she could be going.. Right?

    • I wouldn't say that (if he was involved with this girl he wouldn't have told you about her and that she could be going). He could have boldly told you and hoped/figured that you won't get suspicious. I wouldn't be surprised if you were a little bit concerned. But like I said, if he hasn't given you any reason to be concerned, then just relax.

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