Not too sure if she is interested or just being friendly?

So I have been talking with this girl for a while. We go to the same college, have the same friends. I started talking to her over winter break. She to them if you were laying in your bed. She sent me a snapchat this morning saying she will take a ticket to south carolina that is where I live, sent a snap back saying sound good right about now. She the replyed lets go! To me it kinda seems she is being fun/ flirting what are your thoughts? She also asks if I was going to these two parties and I said yes. She was also there at the parties. I made some cookies over winter break. I sent a snapchat to her of them. She said better save me a few. I responded with can't make any promises, they were all gone. She said that I better make some when we are at school. I said okay, to me is she says something like that she is flirting. What are your thoughts?


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  • On a girl you have act fast the longer you wait the less attraction and more friendzone, sounds to me like you're friendzoned and she is being nice