What does it mean when a girl might like you but doesn't text back?

I meant this girl in school we talk a lot at school and get along good I know her best friends we also get a long good and they tell me she talks bout me sometimes but she got my number and we have texted but sometimes she just doesn't reply at all but at school we talk a lot thoe she says hey to me when she sees me and when we talk/text I'm not the only one talking she talks with me she ask me questions and things but is this a bad sign or not?

And I really don't see her with her phone sometimes by the way I see her texting sometimes but I know it's her best friends because they tell me


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  • She doesn't want to talk that much otherwise she would make the effort. It's that simple. She is being polite at school, but she's not interested in anything more than casual chatting.

    • Than why does her friends say she talks bout me than cuz they told she talks bout me and I mean we are actually planning on hanging out next weekend but we are seeing if we can?

    • It doesn't matter what her friends say, if she wanted to talk to you more then she would. If she is hanging out with you it means she enjoys your company, but from the sounds of it she isn't interested in anything more. Girls can like just hanging out with a guy, it's not all about liking him.

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