Is he lying just to spend minimal time with me?

Our plan was to get together around 3 to practice sports together, then relax and go back to real game later at night.

He just text me to let me know we won't have time to practice as he will not be leaving his parent's place until 5-6 more likely to be 6:15 if he was telling thetruth.

He said we can relax before the real game at night.

He is a loner and never practice sports with anyone before.. that's why I get the feeling he could be lying..


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  • He could be, may be he thinks he wouldn't get a productive practice / work out with you around. Some people just train better on their own.

    • If that's the case I wish he could tell me upfront..

    • No he really didn't practice but I can relate to your answer

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  • It seems with going to his 'Parent's place' and perhaps decided to stay longer than Anticipated, he could Be... Telling the truth.
    Give him a small break here, dear, and give him the benefit of the Doubting Thomas Doubt. Hang in there and see if there Might be anymore in store that would give you a sour ball in your mouth but for Now... Nothing has gone South.
    When it comes to Mommy's baby, she may have wanted him to Remain, instead of Practicing... Before the Real Game.
    Good luck. xx

    • Very true it all sound very logical. I only suspect cos he might feel too couplely. As he didn't respond when I asked him if we have time to make pancake I plan on making the Batter and let him fry it. Only reason is I'm great at making batter but I can't fry stuff pancake or eggs lol

      I will be open to him when I see him and keep checking progress of book. If he say no I didn't read this week I don't know what to respond

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    • Yes, true but don't Agree to disagree all the time. xx

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  • Maybe he's preoccupied with something else

    • he says he is gonna be at his mom's. Which I suspect is a lie..

    • You can suspect as much as you want, but without real proof, it means nothing.

    • I guess this is not a real cancel as he doesn't have to take me to watch the real game...

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  • What exactly is he lying about?