The girl who goes distant?

Ok, I guess weve all experienced this at some point.

you're texting a girl quite a lot then she suddenly goes quiet for a few days or cold, but you know you havnt done anything wrong.

Do you leave her be & let her come to you, or do you text her as normal or ask her whats wrong? But would that then come across as if you're insecure and not confident?


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  • Wait a few days then send a "hello, how are things" or something simple and just friendly. If she answers then just go with the convo. If she doesn't then leave her be. If you do end up in a conversation, give her a call, and work the conversation around to the last few days, even though she's the one who went quiet, apologize for not talking for a few days and see what happens. Her response should be an apology back or an explanation of her mia. Either way you'll have an answer.


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