Do we still have a chance?

Me and my partner of 3 years , (the first year i avoided him , wasn't intrested he fell inlove i was scared) broke up mid November and started dating other people (we've done this previously like 3x) its more like "oh so ur gonna date fine ill date too) so we had other partners , i broke up with mines because i missed him and i think its wrong to let someone else in if ur not over the other person. he's still in the relationship and my bestfriend (who is also his bestfriend) says he always asks about me and plans to leave the girl (he's had sex with the girl *took her virginity) im pretty sure u know how that messes with a girls mind ) so she's attatched to him. I blocked him on everything i dont want to kik or text him i miss him if he's with the girl i mean my pride is here lol im just like "if its meant to be itll happen" i dont blame him for having sex with the girl he always does when we have breaks. Im a virgin he never wants to rush things with me but with the others he doesn't care. So am i right for just letting whatever happens happen?

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  • fuck that, I personally wouldn't wait. If it's worth fighting for why let 'fate' decide for you! MHO or trol.


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