Does he like me as a friend or more?

I have a huge crush on my best guy friend, and several of my friends told me that they think he likes me before I told them that I liked him. He and I have inside jokes, and they're hilarious. He loves to try to make me laugh. He insisted that I listened to "The Judge" and I used to listen to TØP before but I haven't heard that song in the same way since then. He always complements me when I do something different, like if my friends bribe me to get me to wear makeup or a dress or to dress up for school, he'll say that I look great. And another girl once said that I should wear dresses and makeup more, and he started screaming at her that I looked great dresses up but that I was beautiful normally, which for me is sweatpants and a hoodie. He'll tell me that my hair looks really good when one of my friends decided to torture me by doing my hair when I was paying attention, sadly my scalp is more susceptible to pain than the rest of me, so when I try to pull away they just yank my hair. My guy friend and I try to talk everyday, when he doesn't start the conversation, I try to because, otherwise we do this awkward thing on the bus where we take turns staring at each other, thinking the other one doesn't know, when we both know the other is staring. And it kills me when we don't talk. We love to complain about the same teachers, most of his friends think I'm great, one hates me and most of my friends think he's great and the others don't know who he is. We have the same favorite teacher, we both have a love for hockey, he tries to get me to watch his favorite team play, and honestly I wish his team would be playing a game before or after my team and watch me go, because I am a star on my team. The only doubt I have about him liking me is he told my friend that he likes another girl named Cecelia, and I know that Cecelia likes him too, it's really obvious. But they barely ever talk and he does so much more for me, he has given me little knick knacks because he went on a tournament and saw them and he said "because it reminded me of you"


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  • go on don't wait... ask him to took u out for a date :))))


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