Why do I always get bored of guys?


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  • Probably because they are uninteresting


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  • It's because you have a short attention span or you hate routines.

  • Alright do they like text you a lot. They are like always available? You like them then you go to confused.. You then pull away. then they keep pushing until you find yourself uninterested or in your words bored?

    • No it's not an issue of texting too much. If that was the case I'd be done with hem really quickly. Eventually I'm just not excited to see them.

    • You guys might be spending too much time. You need space in relationship. To miss them. Scarcity creates value. If you are around something a lot you start to take it for granted. Its human nature. That might be why. What you can do tho! Maybe your not dating guys who you are like crazy about your ideal. They are okay or just good looking but personality wise they are meh. There is no strong connection where you just want to talk with them. You get stimulated by their conversation etc. So what you should do is this. Get a piece of paper.
      Divide it up into two columns. On the left all the things you want in your ideal guy. Everything you can think of !!! Hair colour to interests. Is a he good communicator. Is he easy going. Is he flexible. Is he funny? Everything ! Now on your right. Right everything you dont want. The deal breakers. Write them all. Does he smoke? Does he drink? Devious? Everything. Now that you have done that you will have like 30 -40 things in the two lists.

    • Now rank them from most importance the top 10. circle them or write them in new paper. So it is more realistic. After this take this sheet and put it in places around your house and review it everyday. This will make it easier to find the guy you are looking for! Remember what you focus on expands. This will help you focus on it. And if you really want to deepen the focus. Write a love letter to this ideal guy and say everything you appreciate and like about him. In about 2 months you will find a guy who matches your ideal. No doubt.

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