What the hell do I do?

Soo, where should I start?
I did something that I shouldn't have done...
Me and my fiancé planned on getting married in 2 weeks.
This morning I was using his phone to look something up. As I'm using it, kik just so happened to come up. What do you know? He's talking to some other female.
Granted, I shouldn't have looked at his stuff. HOWEVER, this is not ok with me. And this wasn't just some friendly hi & bye conversation. Should I call it quits?

SN- we live in different states at the moment, he was going to relocate in a couple weeks. So that makes it even worse, I don't know wtf he's been doing while I was away.


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  • Sure you're not reading too much into that conversation? You say it wasn't a "friendly hi and bye conversation" but what was it exactly?

    • He was saying some of the things he says to me. And was asking her if she was free & that "he'd be here"; implying that if she gets a chance to come over.

    • Oh... that sounds like a problem. Yeah, you were sort of snooping but we're talking about marriage here. You need to confront him before he moves to where you are.

    • I did. He just walked out. And wasn't really snooping, was using his phone and the kik message popped up.

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  • He wants to marry u i think he loves u so trust him and dont mind those gils as long as the convos are just hi bye as u said but i understand that it can make u upset it happens to me. But u r going to get married u can't ruin it cuz of some stupid texts would u? ^^ if it bothers u much tell him but in a nice way without looking rude ^^

    • It wasn't a hi and bye conversation. It was more

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    • Thank you

    • Welcome ^^

  • Confront him

    • I did and he just left.

    • Then end the relationship he's not trustworthy