My boyfriend asked me this?

I've known my boyfriend for almost 2 years. we started dating 8 months ago. I have a medical condition. I'm on birth control to control my periods. he asked me if I will have problem with having a baby. what'ms that mean?


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  • Is the relationship getting pretty serious? have you discussed the future, as far as marriage or anything?
    Having kids may be high up on his priority list, long term, so he may want to know if that will be possible or if you are interested in eventually having kids as well. I was in a relationship that could have gone to the next level and potentially become long term, but she had no interest in being a mother, and that was a deal breaker for me. Even if she would have been willing to have them later, I didn't feel that someone who was completely against it would be the sort of mother that I would have wanted my kids to have.

    • yes he said he would like to marry me but can't promise we will end in that direction. it just seemed far fetched

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    • I would just be worried that he hasn't had a girlfriend before you and he's almost 30. Plus the odds that the first relationship a guy's in is the one that lasts forever? It's possible, I'm not discouraging you, (or at least I don't mean to), just thinking that the odds are probably against it. Maybe/hopefully you guys are the 1 in 250,000 where it will be the one that lasts! (the odds might be better, I'm just trying to make the point that it's very uncommon)

      Good luck though!!!

    • He had a girlfriend in college but he doesn't consider her a real girlfriend. he never focused much on ladies

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