So how should I proceed with this girl I met on Tinder? She lives about 2 hours away?

We met on Tinder a couple months ago, she randomly stopped responding to me, so I moved on. No harm no foul, I had deleted the app and apparently sent me a message in December. I redownloaded it recently and sent a response. We've been talking ever since. Apparently she moved back home since I talked to her last which is about 2 hours away. We both know about the distance but we continue to talk.

Last night I asked her if she wanted to go to dinner on Sunday, she responded today that she can't because of work and she added that she lives really far away. 2 hours is kind of far away, but it's not terrible... especially if we meet halfway for the first couple dates, providing we get that far. But how should I proceed with this? I am more than willing to make the drive, but I don't want to seem desperate with it. Mainly I just don't want the relationship to end strictly because of distance... how should I handle this?

Also, she said she would go on the date but she can't because of work, the addition of her living far away was probably just to make sure I knew that, since the last time we spoke she lived less than 10 miles away.


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  • say that she comes to you.